Sunday, July 2, 2017

FREE: Hall of Heroes: A Fellowship of Fantasy Anthology

FREE New Fantasy Anthology

Hall of Heroes is a new anthology of heroic fantasy stories that is currently 100% FREE. Got a heads up on this from Frank Luke, author of the new Christian fantasy Rebirths: A Tale of Azuran, who has an Arthurian story in this collection.

Here's the blurb:
Twenty-Seven Thrilling Tales from Amazing Fantasy Authors!

Whether they are unwitting, plucky, or just plain epic, heroes capture the imagination and rescue us from everyday life. With stories set in fantastic, magical realms, gritty urban landscapes, and fairytale kingdoms, our heroes stand fast as defenders of good. Struggling against evil governments, wicked demi-gods, wrathful nature, supernatural con-men, and their own insecurities, each must find the strength to triumph and the will to persevere.

In the second anthology from the Fellowship of Fantasy, twenty-three authors explore the theme of heroes, covering genres ranging from steampunk and fairytale to urban and Arthurian. These are the heroes you've been waiting for.

Enjoy Heroes: A Fellowship of Fantasy Anthology and join the adventures!

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