Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Couch Potato: Keep and Bear the Movie

Gun-Shy Guy Learns About Guns

This is where I just pick up the conversation as if I haven't been MIA for months. I watched the documentary Keep and Bear: The Movie for free on Amazon Prime.

Here's the blurb:
Californian filmmaker Darren Doane (Collision Unstoppable, Free Speech Apocalypse) packed up everything and moved his family to Idaho. One thing they didn't bring was a gun. That's because their family doesn't own a gun. Imagine their surprise when they arrived in Idaho only to discover that their new friends and neighbors were proud American gun owners, exerting their right to Keep and Bear.

It's narrated by the filmmaker, who describes himself as a 2nd Amendment supporter who is scared of guns. Yeah, he sees the humor in it too. I thought it was a good documentary, fun and informative.

Here's a link to the trailer (on vimeo, so I had trouble embedding it)

If you have Amazon Prime, check it out, it's free. You may be surprised at which gun he picks out in the end as his favorite for family defense.

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