Saturday, May 19, 2018

FREE: A Scientist in Search of God by Stuart Fickler

Science and Judaism

One of our dear Horde regulars emailed me about this book. Ibguy writes:
Last summer, a dear friend and mentor passed away. Stuart was a physicist and student of theology, interested in exploring the relationship of science with religion, particularly Judaism. For many years, he had talked about publishing his writings, but never got around to it. So to honor his legacy, I have (with permission from all involved).
The book is titled A Scientist in Search of God.

Here's the blurb:
Collected works of Dr Stuart Fickler. Melding science and religion, Dr Fickler brings physics and Judaism together. A noted scientist on a lifelong search to reconcile his rational, scientific self with his spiritual side. Written in a variety of (online) media, these essays reflect his journey, and his passion. This book’s purpose is to serve as his written legacy.

The PDF version is FREE and there is also a print version available at cost, both on Lulu.

PS. Our sympathies and prayers to Ibguy and family on the passing of his sister Joyce.

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