Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day! [Special Banned Edition]

Happy Father's Day to All the Dads!

A big thank you to all the dads out there. Your strength, your courage, and your leadership, and your corny jokes are what your kids need at every stage of their lives.

For this Father's Day we are talking about Banned Books.

Scholastic Books is the latest target of Leftist censors. One of the newer volumes of their Rookie Biographies, a series aimed at first graders, is on President Donald Trump. (An earlier one was on President Barack Obama.)

DailyWire explains what happens next:
Predictably, liberal parents, authors and teachers called it “dangerous” and said that Trump should be described as a “rapist,” “Nazi,” and “wife-beater.” The book was also labeled as “pro-Trump propaganda” by the uber-Left group Think Progress.
The children’s biography, according to a book review from Social Justice Books, a part of the Leftist group Teaching for Change, “ignores acts of resistance, and, crucially, excludes any reference to the words and deeds of racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and misogyny that have defined Trump’s campaign and presidency.”

President Donald Trump is written by Joanne Mattern.

Here's the blurb:
Meet Donald Trump. He made his fortune in real estate development and later gained fame as a reality TV star. Trump changed the face of American politics in 2016, when he was elected president. He became the first U.S. president who never before held a political office or served in the military. Learn all about Donald Trump's interesting life-and history-making election-in the pages of this book.

How dare Scholastic treat President Trump like any other president? That's!

P.S. And Happy Father's Day to President Donald Trump, as well!

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