Saturday, July 20, 2019

Favorite Book Series - KU edition

Kindle Unlimited Series to Binge On

There's a pretty good Kindle Unlimited deal for new subscribers this month - get 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for only $9.99 (offer is good until the end of July). That's basically a get 3 months for the price of one deal.
The nice thing about Kindle Unlimited is that if a series is on KU you can binge-read it straight through. Wouldn't it be nice if someone *coughmecough* could recommend some great book series on KU? Well, here you go - these are my personal favorites so give them a try!

The Hidden Truth

This is a fantastic alt-history SF YA thriller series by Physicist Hans G. Schantz - my review of the first book sums up why I love it:
The Hidden Truth is different, it's interesting, it's highly readable. It's a clean, exciting read that will have you thinking, and I recommend it to both teens and adults
Here's the blurb:
They'll do anything to hide the truth.
When high school student Peter Burdell uncovers a subtle clue in a dusty book buried deep in a forgotten Appalachian library, he realizes someone altered history. Who's been lying, and why?
His discovery lands Peter in the cross hairs of the deadly Cabal whose Deep State agents changed the past to control the present, so they can rule the future. Aided by family and friends, Peter races against the odds to expose the conspiracy and uncover the answer to the most important question of his life: What is The Hidden Truth?

There are three books in this series so far: The Hidden Truth, A Rambling Wreck, and The Brave and the Bold, and they are all on Kindle Unlimited.

Amy Lynn

My review tagline for this exciting series by US Navy vet Jack July is "An Action Hero That Captures The Heart" - it's about a sweet rural Southern girl who grows up to be an international assassin. A unique take on the genre, it's a series that will capture your heart while trying to induce a myocardial infarction.

The books in this series are Amy Lynn, Amy Lynn: Golden Angel, Amy Lynn, The Lady Of Castle Dunn, Amy Lynn, Into the Fire, and Amy Lynn, Hatchet.

Paxton Locke

This is a really fun urban fantasy series about "son of a witch" Paxton Locke, who talks to ghosts and has unresolved mommy issues. As I said in my review, he's my "new favorite paranormal paladin since Harry Dresden".
The books in this urban fantasy series are Fade, Night's Black Agents, and Come, Seeling Night.

Daniel Humphreys, the author, has another series that zombie fans devour - Z-Day. The first book is not on Kindle Unlimited but the two sequels are. The books in the Z-Day series are A Place Outside The Wild (NOT on KU), A Place Called Hope, and A Place For War.

These books (except for A Place Outside The Wild ) are free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. You can get a Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial OR you can sign up for 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for only $9.99 (the $9.99 deal is only available through July 31).

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