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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Banned in 2016: Cakes by Slaves, Anti-Abortion Computers

Banned in 2016

It's common to say that no books are actually banned anymore in 2016. And yet at the very start of this year, a children's picture book was pulled from publication by Scholastic because of public outcry. Was it obscene, did it promote illegal activity, or perhaps did it have glaring factual errors? None of the above. It was too historically accurate, and therefore counter to politically correct thinking. Do you see any of the Banned Books Week promoters lobbying to get it back in print? Don't hold your breath. These are very likely the same people who got it banned in the first place. Read about the first banned book of 2016.

Also banned, this time by the editor, was a book that simply used abortion as a plot-device in a science fiction scenario. This was a pre-contracted book, by a writer with an existing relationship with the the publisher. The editor didn't want a book that showed abortion in any possibly negative light.

Fortunately the author decided to self-publish instead, and the book went on to Amazon best-seller status and just won a Dragon Award. Read about the backstory of Ctrl-Alt-Revolt! here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Vox Day, Twitter, and Banned Books Week

Censorship via Social Media Excommunication

I talked about this the other day. Twitter bannings and censorship has really ramped up.

Last week's first target was Vox Day, the author and controversial alt-right activist. From what I can tell, he suddenly got locked out of his Twitter account without being given a reason, only getting a generic message. Then his followers started reporting that when they tried to tweet links to his blog, they were also getting locked out of their own Twitter accounts, with the message that the ink is malicious and their account may have been hacked so they have to verify their account.

Apparently Twitter as since unlocked Vox Day's acccount, but his blog is still un-tweetable, having been tagged as malicious or spam, which it's not. He has asked readers to help get it off the spam list, although he appears to have quit Twitter in favor of Gab.

How does this relate to Banned Book Week? Self-published writers rely on self-promotion and social media. They no longer have to pass the gate-keeping standards of publishing houses, but they have to get the word out about their books on their own. So what we are seeing now is that the position of gatekeeping has shifted to the social media companies. And they will use the guise of "safety" to "protect" you, the reader, from wrong-think. Even if it is by tagging sites as "malicious" and "spam' so that you never get to see them. As Vox Day's book title helpfully reminds us: SJWs Always Lie.

Monday, September 26, 2016

CLFA September Booknado: New Releases & 99c Book Sale!

Fall brings book weather and the CLFA has assembled a list of new releases and books on sale.

If you are looking for a new writer, give one of these free-thinking, politically incorrect authors a try.

Novels for only 99c

First, and I am thrilled that it's on sale, is Kia Heavey's Underlake. I reviewed this Young Adult urban fantasy not too long ago and I recommend it. Very memorable. And it's on sale for only 99c!

Also on sale for only 99c is dystopian SF thriller Red Queen: The Substrate Wars 1 by Jeb Ninnison. Here's the tag line: Student rebels invent quantum transport, take on the fascist future US Government.

Then we have the on sale new releases, which include the urban fantasy by B. Brumley that I just featured - Woe for a Faerie. This is also only 99c right now, and as I mentioned in my post the other week it is a two-for-one.

New releases with a low introductory price of $2.99

Dystopian thriller Ignite: Book Three of the Resistance Series by Tracy Lawson
Revolution seems impossible, until it becomes inevitable.

Young Adult Science Fiction A Moon of Their Own by Dwight R. Decker
Trapped in an orbiting theme park gone mad, teenage cousins have to find a way home again.

Urban Fantasy Wolf Killer (The Hammer Commission) by John Van Stry
The government has finally decided it needs its own agency for dealing with paranormal crime. And Mark has been sent to train them.

New Hard SF:

Space OperaThe Sacred Stars (The Shadow Space Chronicles Book 4) by Kal Spriggs
Ensign Alannis Giovanni must confront alien foes and enemies from her past to save the lives of her shipmates and unravel a mystery ten thousand years in the making.

Military SF Torchship Pilot by Karl K. Gallagher
When war breaks out, a freighter crew has to do missions a warship can’t do.

Space exploration SF Out of the Dell (Waking Late Book 2) by Laura Montgomery A lost starship. A lost colony. A band of awakened sleepers.

Crime & Suspense & Faith

A CIA sniper must solve her sister's murder in crime suspense novel The Lesser Sin by D.B. Corey
The Sinner Is Here. Someone’s time is up.

If you read one of these books, be sure to drop a review on Amazon to let everyone know how you liked it. And I would love a comment here too. So many books, so little time - help fellow readers find the good ones!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Banned Books Week Begins

ISIS burns Christian books (March 2016)

Banned Books Week starts today. It's not really all that it seems, really. It is an annual campaign that the American Library Association and the Amnesty International. It was started back in 1982 at the behest of the American Association of Publishers as a marketing event that they suggested to activist Judith Krug.

Although it purports to defend the First Amendment, in practice these days what it does is push an agenda. This year, the official theme of Banned Books Week is "Celebrating Diversity." I wish I were kidding.

Can't get this in many countries
but it's free on Amazon for us
Well, I've decided to do my part to make Banned Book Week about actual book bans and restrictions and author censorship.

Like this classic. Currently completely illegal in NorthKorea, severely restricted as to who can own or publish in a whole bunch of countries ranging from China to almost the entire Middle East, some parts of Africa and South-East Asia. I'm linking to a well-reviewed version that is available for free. Get it while it's legal.

Friday, September 23, 2016

New Release: Gather The Seekers by Vince Milam

Gather The Seekers (Challenged World Book 3)

Print Length: 269 pages
Publication Date:
ISBN-13: 999-1234567890
Kindle: 2281 KB
Available on Amazon

Faith Saves ... the World

This is wonderful news! Book three in the Challenged World series is here! You may recall that writer Paul Duffau did a guest review of the first book, The Unknown Element, and I reviewed the second book, Pretty Little Creatures. We both very much enjoyed Vince Milam's blend of supernatural excitement, action, humor, and faith. I am looking forward to reading this new adventure.

If you haven't read any of the books yet, Challenged World is what Milam calls a spiritual thriller series. It's a bit like The Exorcist meets The Expendables. Lots of fun.

Here's the blurb:

A perfect conspiracy brings the U.S. to its knees. It worked. Until they ran into ordinary Americans. And an amazing group of seekers.

If you love wall-to-wall suspense, non-stop action, and the inspirational story of ordinary people standing against evil, then you will love the third installment in this roller-coaster ride series.

Cole Garza, sheriff of a small Gulf Coast town, is again drawn into a terrorist plot driven by evil forces. He’s been chosen—a fact he tries to avoid.

When the French priest Francois Domaine re-enters his life to begin another quest, Cole hesitates, unsure.

Enter Nadine May, an information genius under contract with clandestine services. Coming out of a failed relationship with Cole, she’s been part of the unlikely team since its inception. Nadine doesn’t hesitate to answer the call, and drags a reluctant Cole deep into a new mystery.

A force, clean and bright, pulls the trio into an alliance with previously unknown seekers. Jude Gill, a pastor from San Francisco with tats and piercings. Her ally—Jean Murphy, a no-nonsense retired Oakland cop with a quick trigger finger. Add Luke Sikes, a bishop in Virginia and former NFL linebacker. His reluctant partner—a young DHS agent more interested in career and girlfriends than addressing supernatural evil.

The gathering of seekers uncover a horrific terrorist plot, masterminded by a powerful source nested in the evil enclaves of ISIS. Their initial endeavors to stop the terror fails. Unleashed on America, the jihad is so far reaching and diabolical that every law enforcement service is brought in to combat the daily attacks.

Can it be stopped as America grinds to a halt? The frustration level of law enforcement rises by the day. All eyes turn to the gathering of seekers. Their failure would forevermore alter the life of every American.

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