Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Book Horde

Reading by the Window by Charles James Lewis via Fine Art America
Hello readers! Today is such a lovely day, with glorious weather, that I am playing hooky. Enjoy the painting by Lewis and check out the right tab for recent posts. Have a wonderful Sunday!
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Coffee a la Old-Style Classy Luxury

Coolest Coffee Maker Ever

Imagine brewing your daily cup of in truly elegant style!

Boing-boing made a cute skit about it

You can actually get this coffee maker on Amazon. The reviews say it brews excellent coffee. I think it looks impractical for every day use but very romantic and diverting for entertaining guests.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Word Around the Writer Blogs

Drei lesende Mädchen by Walter Firle*

Milo Yiannopoulos's agent pens a vigorous defense of his client on Publisher's Weekly.

Larry Correia fans, now is the time to suggest which stories he should include in an upcoming collection.

MadGeniusClub talks about the need for, and the dangers of research for writers and Sarah Hoyt talks about money.

Nick Cole predicts that this Flynn thing will roll back on the Democrats.

Rolf Nelson gets shadow-banned.

And last but deeply appreciated, I got a sweet thank you from Daniella Bova, whose recent promo of her book was a resounding success. If you've read her book(s), please leave a review on Amazon.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

*Amazon has some prints but they don't seem that good to me

Thursday, February 16, 2017

#DeleteNano - Another Social Media Site Goes SJW

NaNoWrimo Goes SJW

Well, well, well, guess which social media site made the Leftist Lemming Leap?

Nanowrimo, (National Novel Writing Month) just declared that "while we are not a political organization, we feel moved to take action" and proceeded to decry President Trump's efforts to secure the border. "Stories know no borders" and apparently, neither does cultural seppuku.

I've mentioned them favorably in the past as a way for new writers to get a first draft in. But I don't care for Leftism in writing at any point. I believe in freedom.

Nanowrimo is free to lollygag with the Leftists, and I'm free to delete my Nanowrimo account. Which I have. I invite you to let them know how you feel. #DeleteNaNo.

Truth be told, November is a terrible month for blitz-writing a first draft, since it's so busy with Thanksgiving and the start of the holidays. I think we should do an #Octoblitz writing month instead. Finish a first draft in October and reward yourself with Halloween candy! And you get to brag about your accomplishment to family at Thanksgiving.

What do you think? We might do an #Octoblitz through

New Release Free Today Only! The Vostok Revelation by Allan J. Ashinoff

SF Thriller Free Today Only

The newly release science fiction novella The Vostok Revelation by Allan J. Ashinoff is FREE today only.

Here's the blurb:
In 2012 the Russian Federation completed a twenty year drilling project to reach Lake Vostok 2.2 miles below the icy surface of Antarctica. Vast, dark and undisturbed for tens of millions of years, the Russians have awakened something that will threaten the future of mankind and challenge everything man has ever believed.

If you like The Vostok Revelation, be sure to check out Allan Ashinoff's other books: Shadows Live Under Seashells and Fallacies of Vision. And leave reviews on Amazon - they help writers a lot!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#WriterWednesday Declan Finn: Why Write?

Declan's latest
I'm honored to have author Declan Finn share his thoughts with us today.- vm

Why Write?

I am a writer. It's less of what I do and more of what I am. I get up in the morning, I sit down at the computer, and I write. Eventually, I remember to eat.

I'm not pretentious enough to compare it to being a monk, or a priest. Yes, it is a vocation, just like any other job one feels born to do, but that's where the similarities end. For those people who say that it is lonely, or monkish, that's a lie. Sorry, but it is. Certainly, it is a thing that can be lonely, and loners can enjoy the professional easily. But to say that it is an entirely solo endeavor out of necessity is a lie. Basic human interaction, conversations, hammering out details or ideas, can be just as important to the writer as the little writer's notebook – or Droid phone, if you must be modern about it.

But I must write. It's not OCD, or even merely compulsive. But writing is a kind of legal schizophrenia – I know the people in my head aren't real, and they know too, but that doesn't make them shut up. It's not a literal thing, but the pressure to put the ideas together are just as incessant as an annoying character nattering away at you.

Not everyone can become a writer. And I don't recommend that anyone becomes a writer. I am a writer because I have to be one. I'm good for very little else. I can take a walk, and most people can enjoy the scenery, or be wary of traffic. I take a walk, and I think up new ways to blow up buildings, or start a thriller by hitting someone with the crosstown bus. Normal people can watch television. Writers come up with several different endings as they're watching it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New Release: A Sweet Romance Free for Valentine's!

Another Valentine's Day Gift! 

This is a sweet new romance novella from Nitay Arbel.

Here's the blurb:
Veronica "Ronnie" Zielinski, a librarian in the Chicago suburbs, has always dreamed of writing but never dared pursue her dream since the needs of others have always seemed to come first...until one winter, when a mysterious new library patron opens her eyes and changes her life, with some help from the romantic sci-fi classic "Komarr" by Lois McMaster Bujold....

Winter into Spring by Nitay Arbel is free today and tomorrow on Amazon.